10 Best Company Blogs In The World

Whiles many companies might not see anything good about having blogs, though they have websites, there are other companies that have made positive strides in business as a result of the vibrancy of their blogs. But the question is: are blogs still important for companies? Though the answer might seem controversial, however, blogs are very important for companies and they have contributed to the online success of many companies. If people could make money just by having blogs, it means companies can also get more customers and increase sales if they are able to carve their content in an engaging and beneficial way to their readers.

We are giving you a list of some of the best and in fact, the first ten of blog-infographicthe best blogs operated by companies. Be, however, sure that much emphasis is not kept on tech companies because blogging might just be considered their field and it wouldn’t be fair to others. So let’s see the top ten company blogs that are rocking the online space right now.

Coca-Cola Un-bottled

You probably know Coca-Cola, right? Yes, they have a lot of content sites. However, “Un-bottled” is their richest online blog. The platform comes with just too much including diversity of views from their cherished customers, partners, and employees. Content curated to uphold corporate objectives, responsiveness in engagement, as well as great human and emotional connect. When it comes to blogging, Unbottled has just made it big and the reason it is on top here.

CTJJ5N Front view of a Walmart supercentre store exterior sign logo Ontario Canada  KATHY DEWITT. Image shot 05/2012. Exact date unknown.


As a company that has been on the number 1 position of the fortune 500, a popular and well engaged blogging platform wouldn’t be a surprise right? Yes, Walmart has a great content feature of shopping tips, products available, seasonal features, company history, as well as news on latest shopping issues. With very engaging blog posts, Walmart is really making it big in their blog.


If you are looking for a site that helps safeguard homes, businesses, and families, then the Allstate blog is just the ultimate choice to make. The site is well built in design and development and makes sure that it features only engaging and important content, which seems to account for the large number of social shares it gets for its posts.

Whole Foods

When it comes to best blogs on social media landscape, then Whole Foods’ blogs has nailed it. Right from openness and engagement, to responsiveness and quality content, this company give their customers nothing but the best.



Though this blog is disconnected from the main company’s website, it is still rocking with great content. It also come with a lot of social media shares and likes.  When it comes to organization, then ADP’s blog is

really organized.


You might be thinking of how a chemical company has such a vibrant blog. Well, when it comes to social shares, engaged content, as well as responsiveness and great user experience, then Celanese has all it takes to be crowned as one of the best company blogs.


This company has a lot of forums and blogs that cater for different industries. Their blogs feature real users and other people who write about their experiences with engaging and passion-oriented posts. It also has a great social media platform that is corporately standardized.


Well, film lovers might be aware of this stunning production company. The blog operated by Disney is named as one of the happiest blogs on earth. It also feature well curated and engaging personal stories to keep its readers awed.

General Electric

Right from exceptional storytelling in an engaging and interesting manner, the blog that is operated by General Electric is really awesome. This is probably the reason behind the many social media shares it has.


Home Depot

When it comes to education, then the blog and forum operated by Home Depots is among the best. It doesn’t just write on people’s real experiences, but makes good use of the blog by writing on how their products can be used effectively for maximum benefits.

These are the ten best company blogs as of today. They were ranked on responsiveness, interactivity with the user, engaging content, educative and rich content, relevancy in content as well as social media presence.

Marketing has gone gaga in the current world where companies have really upped their game so as to remain competitive and relevant in the changing world. A company that hides itself in the closet of a know-it-all corner has no place in the evolving world of marketing and advertising. You would want to know the companies that have nailed the act of advertising in the current world.

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