10 Brands That Are Still Making It On Social Media

There have been recent debates from various content marketers as to whether social media marketing has falling or still standing. According to the content marketing institute, social media marketing is not dead. However, the bad news is that, we seem not to be making good use of social media marketing. And the good news is that a lot of companies are still there that are making it big through social media marketing. That is why we decided to bring you this information; brands that are still making it on social media so that it will service as an inspiration to you, the content marketer, to beef up your social marketing tactics and capture the market.

Old Spice.

This is a brand that has gone viral with its content on social media channels and it still keeps exploring good and unexpected ideas. What makes them rock is the emotional part of their content marketing and that is why they rock.


We all know how it is difficult to take lectures that are purely informational and turn them into viral and shareable content. However, TEDx doesn’t think it is difficult and that is why they are among the best brands that make use of social media marketing to tell their story.js56421560

Newcastle Brown Ale.

In order to put together a stunning and supper hit advertisement, this self-aware advertising brand took the genius idea of people not actually having cash to put together this ad. And when it was done, they made it big to the top with their content.


Starbucks takes the whole notion behind engagement to a new level.  With the idea of giving customers to chance to upload their coffee cards, the company has made a hit on social media and viraled its content as well.



This is one of the dining franchises that has become known for its delicious social media content. With a traditional promotional ad kind of idea, Denny has managed to social medially has over competed its rival brands and is making it big on social media by attracting the younger crowd.


This office supply juggernaut through informational and educative content as well as gift cards offered regularly, has thrilled its customers on social media with its stunning content marketing strategies.


When you hear of NASA, you normaly think of geeky space stuff right? Well, when it comes to the social media space and shuttle talks, then NASA is not left out. NASA’s Mars Curiosity Channel on their Twitter page is now rocking with social media likes, shares, and follows.


When it comes to baby diapers and parenting, Pampers is rocking and with its social media becoming viral, it has become a household name and probably when you think of Pampers, you might think it’s equal to baby diapers.


GoPro videos are now more than just people watching edventurous shaky footages on youtube.  With its stunning videos, GoPro has gone viral and become a brand known for its user-generated video content wth that tiny camera used by users.


When gamers are involved in everything, then you can imagine how things become with that gamy look. This company has managed to rock on social media with its XBox twitter page and the @XboxSupport handle.

Don’t sit at the little corner of your computer and think that social media marketing is dead. There are brands that are still making it and a lot more will make it in the future. All you need is to make sure that you get out there and showcase your stunning skills. Who knows, that might become viral as well.

Marketing has gone gaga in the current world where companies have really upped their game so as to remain competitive and relevant in the changing world. A company that hides itself in the closet of a know-it-all corner has no place in the evolving world of marketing and advertising. You would want to know the companies that have nailed the act of advertising in the current world.

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