2 Experiential Marketing Examples From Highly Innovative And Creative Companies

Experiential marketing is an advertising or promotional marketing strategy that deals with getting customers to talk about your product all the time through the use of interactive experience. It is a very unique move in attractive customers because it involves only creativity and some little effort. That creativity should be geared towards not just getting attention from customers, but also motivating people to try your products or services as a business and possibly sharing or referring the product to others.

Though it is not like the traditional way of marketing, but since it relies on creativity and sometimes through word of mouth, we can say that as time goes on, the cost will surely increase. This tactic is a guerrilla-like style and relies heavily on an organization’s ability to think outside the box that using money into creating traditional advertisements.

It might be easy if we take a look at some examples of creative experiential marketing campaigns of some two companies out there.

  1. Globetrotter Weather Rooms.juliij-81_email

In a way of giving customers the opportunity to see things for themselves, this European sporting equipment giant, Globetrotter allow shoppers to enter inside a rain chamber that spreads water on them and then create storm-grade winds. All this is done while the customers are wearing Globetrotter equipment’s.

This is a good marketing move. Not only does the company gets to communicate its brand through word of mouth, but customers get the experience the societal problem that is solved by this company through taking part in such experiments. Thus, these customers get a much more experience than just listening to a strategic marketing gimmick.

  1. Jump with Derrick Rose.

In order to set things straight in rolling out a new set of sneakers from Derrick Rose, the famous basketball player, Adidas decided to launch and then filmed the “Jump with Derrick” Campaign. Derrick, known for his stunning court jumping abilities, was perfectly fit in inspiring a competitive edge and driving the company forward.

If you participate and are able to touch that small shelf, then you are awarded a Rose’s new adidas pair for free. Adidas made sure that this entire event was filmed and then was released that showed how participants tried to win a pair of sneakers. This video got more than 500,000 views serving as a perfect fit or example of how online media can be used to gather more distribution for a product through live events.

What was unique in these campaigns?

Well, no matter the kind of system or tactic you use, take into consideration certain things which include;

xzfAn enthusiasm to building crowd. These two events were all geared towards gathering crowd for the companies. However, it was not just gathering crowd but getting them to make a positive decision towards the products of the company.

Creativity was a key factor. These two events were all creative and therefore unique in such a way that customers will be awed by those new releases. That is what will make them share and refer your product.

Considerate of feedback. You should make sure that you listen to the feedback from your customers as you go through your campaign. This will help you move forward in creating better experience for your customers.

Marketing has gone gaga in the current world where companies have really upped their game so as to remain competitive and relevant in the changing world. A company that hides itself in the closet of a know-it-all corner has no place in the evolving world of marketing and advertising. You would want to know the companies that have nailed the act of advertising in the current world.

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