Tools To Help Businesses Plan A Good Marketing Strategy And Campaign

In this demanding and competitive world, if care is not taking, your marketing strategy is what will land you into a big problem. How do you go about developing your own marketing strategy? Comprehensive tactics and careful planning is required if you want to develop a good and multi-faceted marketing strategy that will keep you on top of competition at all times. In development a marketing strategy, there are a lot of variables and considerations that are to be considered. Your small human mind might be too tired and clustered to follow every bit of the process in order to include all variables. As such, we bring you real time tools, kudos to technological growth, that will help you curate a stunning marketing strategy that brings in sales and keep customers coming back for more. Let’s kick start.


If you want to have more than 100 free samples of the best marketing plans, then MPLANS has everything in stock for you. It also include resources that talk about each and every aspect of planning a successful marketing strategy. You can equally opt for the Sales and Marketing Pro version that has a chunk of resources right from presentations to budgeting to forecasting.

Key features of this program include.plan-printing1

  • Visually beautiful presentations.
  • Real time budgeting and forecasting tools.
  • Examples and tutorials at every step.
  • Tools to help identify and define your target market.
  • A lot of free calculators covering conversion rates, break even, and cash flow etc.


Throughout the entire steps of planning an effective marketing plan and strategy, PlanLab is an easy and simple software that will give you real-time guides to do everything in the right direction. Key features of this software program includes.

  • A good looking user interface.
  • Expert tutorials and guides at each and every step.
  • Examples that pop-up to give you real time view of what to do next.
  • You can add content as well as photos to each and every step.


This is an iPhone app. This app is a professionally written one that is developed by a PhD professor who has more than 20 years of marketing experience. This app has in stock a network of more than 3,000 investors through a partnership

deal with Ben Stein and Accredited Members Inc. key features include.


  • Specification of problems.
  • Analysis of competition.
  • Well-developed marketing strategy.
  • Pricing, product development, and personal selling strategies.


Marketing mo comes in with its intelligent marketing management and planning. It helps you to plan a good and stunning marketing strategy template and then develop everything from that template. You also get to manage your entire marketing team from this app as well as a good support for you whenever you are stuck. Key features of this app are.

  • Step-by-step curated marketing plans of modern times.
  • Templates that are interactive and beautiful for marketing professionals.
  • A robust cloud-based marketing templates.
  • Offline customizable templates.


swlogo-ogSIMILARWEB is one of the best kept secret in the marketing profession that give users a competitive analysis of whatever is happening in their environment. It gives real-time insight on any app or website; you can go Pro to compare websites and apps and track industry data and statistics to help you plan your marketing strategy. Key features of SIMILARWEB include.

  • Get the sources of traffic to any app or website.
  • Discover the best and top performing web pages and apps.
  • Real-time and trending well paid and organic keywords
  • Access to country and category rankings of top websites.

These are some of the best tools that will help you make a good marketing strategy. Though they don’t come very cheap, they are worth their prices if you want to grow your business.


Marketing has gone gaga in the current world where companies have really upped their game so as to remain competitive and relevant in the changing world. A company that hides itself in the closet of a know-it-all corner has no place in the evolving world of marketing and advertising. You would want to know the companies that have nailed the act of advertising in the current world.

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