Top 5 Ad Campaigns Of The 21st Century

Companies, especially those in the multimedia world these days are not employing different marketing campaigns to market or communicate their brand to their target audience. These campaign methods wouldn’t have been possible in the 19th or 20th century, especially at a time when digital technology had not gained much grounds.

Today, those ad campaigns that span across different offline and online platforms making use of social media, websites, blogs, email marketing, as well as apps to get to their target audience in order to keep them engaged. Those digital campaigns that are fully integrated can really bring in a lot of visitors to a company and equally helps business to grow.

  1. Everyone is Beautiful – Dove ‘Campaign for real beauty”

The Dove Campaign for Real Beauty is one of the longest surviving and most successful marketing campaign that was launched by Uniliver. This was as far back as 2014 but it was and is still amazing.

  1. MAC ‘Finally Free’ — TRANS-forming advertising campaigns

This is when Boots used its ‘Ta Dah’ campaign in repositioning its No 7 make up brand in 2011 where it searched the streets of UK to find ladies that will pose in such advertisement. After all, it became a success. That time, the promotional marketing of MAC was mainly key influencer engagement activities including with professionals, media mavens, and celebs.

  1. Break the Internet when life gives you ‘Lemonade’ – Beyoncé.lemonade-squad

If you are always connected online, then it wouldn’t be easy saying you missed the launch of Beyoncé’s album entitle ‘Lemonade’. The surprise release was part of Beyoncé’s world tour which started in Miami in 2016.  To the Forbes Magazine, Beyoncé showed how good and talented of a marketer she can be as timing is one of the most important factor when it comes to PR. In reality, Beyoncé’s release was a carefully and stunningly curated campaign from many months back, especially revealed on the star’s instagram account as well as other social media platforms.


  1. Icebreaker #LiveWild — Extreme Marketing

As carefully orchestrated and curated by the PR team Poem, the clothing giant, Icebreaker, has been able to create a furore online with the latest of its PR campaign. In search of its ‘Wildest fan’, this clothing giant got its social media fans to spread the word when it was to launch the Sydney branch. This campaign was branded with the hashtag “#livewild# and it was wild and awed at as it showed stunning and beautiful marketing geniuses.if_carlsberg_did_chocolate_bars

  1. If Carlsberg did PR.

With the “Probably the best bear in the world” ad campaign which was created specifically for the UK market by Saatchi and Saatchi, Carlsberg, the Danish brewing giant, has for the past decades, been delighting its TV audience a lot.  During the 2016 Easter, Carlsberg took things to a brand new level with the “If Carlsberg did chocolate” offering which was made up of an opening of a pop up pub at Shoreditch where almost everything is seen to be made from chocolate.

These are some of the best ad campaigns of the 21st century. However, we were able to bring you the best 5 hoping that you will take a clue from these and create your own small campaign that will awe your content and get more visitors coming in.


Marketing has gone gaga in the current world where companies have really upped their game so as to remain competitive and relevant in the changing world. A company that hides itself in the closet of a know-it-all corner has no place in the evolving world of marketing and advertising. You would want to know the companies that have nailed the act of advertising in the current world.

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